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SMP Pharmacy Solutions is an award-winning national pharmacy that provides compounding,fertility,specialty drugs and retail services.Formally known as South Miami Pharmacy, the company revealed a complete rebrand in 2015,including a name change to SMP Pharmacy Solutions, as well as a new logo and a new website to better service our ever growing customer base.

Founded in 2003, SMP is redefining the pharmacy experience, acting as a trusted liaison between the patient,doctor’s office, drug manufacturer and insurance provider. SMP has become one of top independent pharmacies in the country.

History Timeline

When Dr. Armando Bardisa founded South Miami Pharmacy, his goal was to improve the quality of life for customers and patients through personalized service. In order to provide customized service for our patients, South Miami Pharmacy offers hard to find medications, compounding services, one-on-one fertility specialists and medication therapy management.

Awarded “Highest in Customer Satisfaction” by J.D. Power & Associates, South Miami Pharmacy has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in America by INC. 5000.

SMP Pharmacy Solutions Grand Opening

The Creation of the SMP Pharmacy Solutions Pain and HIV/AIDS Departments.

SMP Pharmacy Solutions launches the Long-Term Care department, servicing 15 assisted living facilities.

The SMP Pharmacy Solutions technician training program is approved by the Florida Board of Pharmacy.

Hispanic Business Magazine awards SMP Pharmacy Solutions as one of the Top 500 Hispanic-Owned Businesses.

SMP Pharmacy Solutions begins their long-standing partnership with St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital.

The Dermatology, Rheumatology, and Osteoarthritis specialty department is created.

SMP Pharmacy Solutions becomes licensed in 25 states.

The Easy Meds Sync Program is created.

SMP Pharmacy Solutions opens its 3rd location.

Inc. 5000 Magazine honors SMP Pharmacy Solutions as one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies of 2014.

Attained PCAB/ACHC accreditation as a compounding pharmacy

Became a URAC accredited Specialty Pharmacy.

An Award Winning Pharmacy

smp-pharmacy-jd-power-awardSMP Pharmacy Solutions has been awarded “Highest in Customer Satisfaction” among drugstores by J.D. Power & Associates, and we have been recognized as one of the “Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America” and “Top Companies in Florida” by INC. 5000.

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We are very grateful for our accomplishments and highly attribute all of our success to our patients’ loyalty.

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BRIAN BRITO Vice President

EDDY LOPEZ Director of Operations

BRIAN SMITH Director of Sales and Marketing

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