Fertility Pharmacy

SMP Pharmacy Solutions is a specialty fertility pharmacy that provides fertility treatments, personal IVF specialists, and hard-to-find fertility medications for our patients. Every patient’s IVF specialist works with the whole family throughout the entire fertility process.

Fertility Pharmacy

The SMP Pharmacy Solutions team of experts in our fertility pharmacy is highly trained and knowledgeable on fertility medications, savings programs, and financial assistance programs.

Financing Option

SMP Fertility and Lending Club Patient Solutions have partnered to assist patients with their complex needs. Our plans cover a wide range of fertility treatments and medications. The process is easy, immediate and funding could be available next day.

Please visit www.lendingclub.com for more information.

Compassionate Care Program

By signing up for The Compassionate Care Program at Fertility Life Lines, SMP Pharmacy Solutions fertility patients are able to save up to 75% off their self-pay fertility treatments. Receive discounts and mail-in rebates from The Compassionate Care Program for fertility treatments such as, Gonal-f, Cetrotide & Ovidrel.

For eligibility information and more information regarding The Compassionate Care Program through Fertility Life Lines, please visit www.fertilitylifelines.com.


Eligible SMP Pharmacy Solutions fertility patients can save up to 10% on fertility treatment expenses through the Go-Card program with Fertility Life Lines. Fertility patients can receive discounts on fertility medications like Gonal-f.

Visit www.fertilitylifelines.com and click on the “go direct to savings” options to download your rebate card.

Co-Pay Card

Save up to $250 on out-of-pocket fertility treatment costs by applying for the Co-Pay Card from Fertility Life Lines. Additionally, fertility patients can save up to $25 off Gonal-f and $25 off Cetrotide.

To find out if you’re eligible for the Co-Pay Card, visit www.fertilitylifelines.com.


SMP Pharmacy Solutions’ fertility specialists partner with The H.E.A.R.T. + Program to help cash-paying and insured fertility patients receive discounted prices on Ferring Pharmaceuticals’ fertility medications and treatments.

Get more information about The H.E.A.R.T.+ program at www.fertilitylifelines.com.

Prior Authorization

Sometimes insurances will require patients to provide a prior authorization form for certain fertility treatments and medications. SMP Pharmacy Solutions will work with you and your fertility doctor to ensure all additional clinical information is obtained. Insurance companies require patients to submit this information to make sure you meet the requirements in order for them to cover your medications.

SMP Pharmacy Solutions goes a step above most pharmacies, and we will take care of the following for all our fertility patients:

  • Contact insurance company
  • Obtain prior authorization form
  • Requests physician signature on patient’s behalf
  • Forward signature to insurance company

SMP Pharmacy Solutions will then follow up with the insurance company to be sure all clinical information needed is obtained. At SMP Pharmacy Solutions, we go above and beyond to ensure your prior authorization is approved and fertility patients receive the treatment they need.

Medication Delivery

Stop driving back and forth to the pharmacy for your fertility medications. SMP Pharmacy Solutions’ fertility team offers next day delivery for all fertility patients. During this time, it is important to keep stress low and spend time with your family. This is why SMP Fertility is delivering fertility treatments and medications right to your door.

To learn how you can sign up for free fertility medication delivery, call a SMP Pharmacy Solutions team member today at 855-255-5005. For after-hour inquiries, feel free to call our 24/7 line at 786-999-3030.

Transfer Fertility Medications

Fertility patients are able to easily transfer medications to SMP Pharmacy Solutions by filling out the online transfer form or by dropping the prescription off at our SMP Pharmacy Solutions office.

To transfer prescriptions online, please fill out the form and the SMP Pharmacy Solutions fertility team will take care of the rest.


Transfers usually take 24 hours to process, but after we receive your order, SMP Pharmacy Solutions will complete the following:

  • Contact your existing pharmacy
  • Process your fertility medication through the insurance
  • Prepare fertility medications for next day pick-up or free next day delivery

Contact an SMP fertility specialist today for more information about SMP Pharmacy Solutions’ fertility services and fertility medication transfer. Fill out the online transfer form to get started with your fertility medication transfer today.

About Our App

In efforts to continue making fertility treatment refills and ordering better for our fertility patients, SMP Pharmacy Solutions is wrapping up the development of an SMP Pharmacy Solutions app.

Benefits of the SMP Pharmacy Solutions App

The SMP Pharmacy Solutions app will allow fertility patients to do the following right from their tablet or smartphone:

  • Make an SMP profile complete with patient and treatment information
  • Order fertility medication refills by scanning the prescription on a phone or tablet
  • Order fertility medication refills by submitting a form through the patient profile
  • Have fertility medications home delivered or made available to pick-up
  • Schedule alarms and reminders to take fertility medications daily

Learn More About the SMP Pharmacy Solutions App

For more information on the SMP Pharmacy Solutions app, send comments and questions to our online contact form or call a team member directly at 855-255-5005.

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“Great customer service. They have a family oriented work environment. I am glad to be part of the SMP family”
Daneris Torres – Miami, Florida

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