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SMP Pharmacy Retail Team ensures our patients receive the best care; all while making prescription ordering, refills and pick-up simple and easy.

Why SMP Pharmacy?

Easy Meds Program

The Easy Meds Sync program combines all of your prescriptions into one monthly order. They are refilled together and shipped together to create an easy process for our customers.

Easy Prescription Refills

When you’re due for a refill, we’ll call you directly to confirm your prescription. Then, we’ll ensure that it’s delivered to your door right on time. If your refill runs out, we’ll contact your doctor for you to ensure that you receive the prescriptions you need.

Prescription Medications Delivered to Your Door

After we refill each prescription and put them together in one monthly order, we deliver the medications directly to your doorstep. With our free next-day delivery, you never have to worry about your medications not arriving on time. We ensure all of your medications arrive before you ever run out.

Award-Winning Customer Service

At SMP Pharmacy Solutions, we know that good customer service is just as important as the products and services we provide. That’s why we set each patient up with a personal Easy Meds coordinator.

When it’s time for your medications to be refilled, your personal coordinator will call your doctor and get your medication refills. They will also call you and review your order accuracy so that you never end up with the wrong medication or dosage.

Enroll in Our Easy Meds Sync Program Today!

With our friendly, knowledgeable staff and simple refill process, sticking to your medication regimen just got a lot easier. Our innovative pharmacy in Miami, Florida specializes in hard-to-find medications, fertility and compounding, specialty solutions.

For more information about our services, call us at 305-740-9696, contact us online or come into our convenient Miami pharmacy. Talk to our friendly staff today about enrolling in our free Easy Meds Program!

Medication Therapy Management

SMP Pharmacy Solutions provides medication therapy management to ensure all patients receive proper drug-to-drug interaction monitoring. During the medication therapy management process, pharmacists will preform drug screenings and monitor drug therapy overlap.

It is important for patients to receiver proper medication therapy management from their pharmacists to ensure medications are reacting together properly and multi-prescription complications do not occur. The team at SMP Pharmacy Solutions performs medication therapy reviews, examines personal medication records, creates medication action plans, and provides detailed documentation of each patient’s medical plan.

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