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Armando-presentation-300x169-300x169South Miami Pharmacy was honored to be nominated as a finalist in the Showcase of Success at the annual Pharmacy Development Service (PDS) Conference in Orlando. The Showcase of Success highlights pharmacy entrepreneurs who have made great strides in growing their business in the past year.The following is South Miami Pharmacy’s entry in the showcase. This letter, written by CEO Armando Bardisa, delineates several of the new and successful developments that the company implemented in 2014. Using the tools acquired at last year’s Pharmacy Development Service conference, Mr. Bardisa and his staff learned new ways to develop both personally and professionally. These new skills also made it easier to track and measure the company’s progress, which is vitally important for a rapidly-growing business.

In 2014, the company expanded immensely, adding a 45% increase in new hires and developing a specialty division focused on HIV and RA. The pharmacy even outgrew its current location, and will be moving to a newer, larger facility this year.

Read Dr. Bardisa’s Showcase of Success letter to learn more about the practices that brought so much success to South Miami Pharmacy in 2014. We look forward to seeing what 2015 will bring!

Carlos RSouth Miami Pharmacy Nominated As Finalist in PDS Showcase of Success Awards
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flu-season-287x300As we enter the chilly days of October, we also have to consider: am I getting a flu shot this flu season?

To help you make your choice, South Miami Pharmacy has composed a list of our patients’ frequently asked questions.
Q: I hate pain! Do I have to get a shot?

A: For those of us who rather take a different route, you should consider getting a nasal spray flu vaccine. This can be used for people between the ages 2 to 49. Unfortunately, this option is not open for everyone, such as pregnant women or people with asthma. To learn more about this option, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Q: I consider myself to be healthy. Do I still need a vaccine?

A: It is very true that with a healthy diet and exercise, you can boost your immune system. Nevertheless, this does not prevent you from being infected with the flu. Whether you’re working in an office or have kids going to school, you’re bound to encounter he dreaded infection some way or another. Luckily, pairing a healthy lifestyle and a flu vaccine can really help you get through flu season.

Q: Will I get the flu from a flu shot?

A: There is alway a chance, but the possibility of getting the flu goes down greatly when you get a flu shot. A flu shot is made with an inactivated virus and helps you form antibodies against the flu. Compared to the flu shot, you have a higher chance of getting the flu with the nasal spray.

Q: Help! I just got the flu vaccine and I feel sick!

A: Be at ease, you probably don’t have the flu! Some times, people have muscle pain, a slight fever, and feel a tab bit weak. This lasts around 1-3 days. Nevertheless, within the first two weeks, your body isn’t fully protected yet, so it is possible to get the flu. That is why it is advised to get your vaccine early on in the flu season!

Q: I’m sick. Can I get the vaccine?

A: This decision is normally up to the discretion of your physician. If you have a cold, you generally are able to get the vaccine. If you have a fever, it is advised to wait until you no longer have it.

Q: I got the flu shot. Do I need to do anything else?

A: You’re already ahead of the pack. Consider buying a hand sanitizer or washing you hands more frequently. Try to be cautious of your surroundings and stay away from anyone that the flu.

Q: Do I still have a chance of getting the flu?

A: Although a vaccine won’t make you 100% immune, you diminish your chances of getting the flu by 70-90%. You may get sick this flu season, but there is a large chance that you don’t have the flu and might have the common cold. Both infections have very similar symptoms!

Carlos RGet Ready for Flu Season
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fertility-treatment-miamiSMP is proud to announce that The Florida Pharmacy Association (FPA) has selected Dr. Armando Bardisa as the recipient of its highest award, the 2016 Bowl of Hygeia Award for outstanding community service. The award was accepted on Dr. Bardisa’s behalf at the Awards Ceremony sponsored by the American Pharmacists Association Foundation and the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations with support from Boehringer Ingelheim on Saturday, July 2nd.

Dr. Armando compliments his business success with various philanthropic partnerships including the support of Susan G. Komen foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where he participates in the annual triathlon, raising over $50,000 in donations to date. SMP has also provided medicine and medical supplies for various medical missions in Guatemala, Haiti and Honduras. Locally, Armando supports the annual Migrant Toy Drive in Homestead and Blossom’s Developmental Therapy Associates (BDTA), a state-of-the-art facility that provides service and programs for children with special needs, specifically cerebral palsy. This year Armando will participate in the New York City Marathon, running to raise money for Team for Kids, an organization that provides low-cost health and fitness programs to kids who have little access to regular physical activity.

I am honored to have been chosen for this outstanding award among so many other influential leaders in the industry,” said Dr. Armando Bardisa, President & Founder of SMP Pharmacy Solutions. “By achieving this recognition, our customers can be assured that we are an integral part of their community and committed to improving the lives of everyone in it.

Click HERE to read the full press release on this honorary award.


Carlos RSpecialty Pharmacy SMP Solutions’ Founder & CEO Honored with FPA Bowl of Hygeia Award For Commitment to Community
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Armando Bardisa. SMP Pharmacy Solutions, Fl

SMP Pharmacy Solutions is excited to announce the grand opening of its second location in Miami, FL. The new office space will be home to 24 SMP Pharmacy Solution employees who specialize in both compounding solutions and fertility treatment.

Read The Full Story Here

Carlos RSMP Pharmacy Solutions Opens Its Second Location
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The South Florida Citybizlist has deemed SMP Pharmacy Solutions a preferred distributor of the new prophylaxis treatment medication, ColciGel. The South Miami pharmacy recently announced it’s partnership with Gensco Laboratories, a specialty company that focuses on the marketing and development of transdermal medications and treatment.

Read more about SMP Pharmacy Solutions and ColciGel

Carlos RSMP Pharmacy Solutions Named Preferred Distributor for ColciGel
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Inc. 5000
– Inc. 5000 America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies

Carlos R2015
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Congratulations SMP Pharmacy Solutions! We have been voted one of the fastest growing specialty pharmacies of 2014 by Inc. 5000. In 2014, Inc. 5000 voted SMP Pharmacy Solutions one of the fastest growing specialty pharmacies in the Nation. Founded in 2003, SMP Pharmacy Solutions has grown exponentially and continues to serve the residents of Miami and South Florida.


Carlos RSMP Pharmacy Solutions Voted One of the Fastest Growing, Private Specialty Pharmacies of 2014
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Inc. 5000
– Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies in America
– Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Health Companies

Carlos R2014
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Inc. 5000
– 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies In America
– Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies
– Inc. 5000 Honor Roll Alumni Companies
– Inc. 5000 Top Alumni Companies
– Inc. 5000 Top Companies In Florida
– Inc. 5000 Top Health Companies
– Inc. 5000 Top Hispanic-Run Companies

Carlos R2013
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Inc. 5000
– 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies In America

Hispanic Business
– 500 Largest U.S. Hispanic-Owned Companies

Merchant Circle
– Circle Of Excellence

Carlos R2012
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