Choosing the Right Compounding Pharmacy

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The term “one size fits all” does not always apply to prescription medications. Therefore, a compounding pharmacy is an excellent option for individuals seeking customized medications that meet their specific needs.Medication compounding allows pharmacists to prepare personalized medications. Compounding may involve preparing a medication without dyes or preservatives, changing a pill into a skin cream, or adding flavors to change the taste of a medication.

What are the Benefits of Medication Compounding?

Medication compounding is primarily done to assist patients who are either unable or unwilling to take a medication as directed. There are many individuals who require a dosage that is different from the standard drug strength and need a custom prescription.

Others are allergic to dyes or preservatives and require a prescription that does not contain them. Additionally, children may refuse to take a medicine because of its unpleasant flavor. A pharmacist can change the flavor so that it will appeal to a child’s taste buds.

How Can a Compounding Pharmacist Alter a Medication?

When a compounding pharmacist receives consent from a physician, he or she can:

  • Avoid unwanted ingredients including preservatives, dyes, sugar, gluten, or lactose.
  • Modify the strength of a medication.
  • Add a flavor to the medication.

Prepare medications in different delivery systems such as flavored liquid suspensions, topical gels or creams, lollipops, or suppositories.

Does Insurance Cover Compounding Medications?

You may be able to send in a claim form to get reimbursed for a compounded prescription. Insurance coverage for compounding medications varies by insurance company.

Learn More about Compounding Prescriptions at South Miami Pharmacy

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