Fertility Tips for Women

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fertilityYou and your better half are finally ready to add a little one to the mix. From tiny toes to little giggles, you’re excited for every moment that comes with having a baby. While your heart might be ready to welcome a new family member, your body may not be so willing.

To increase your chances of getting pregnant, follow these fertility tips from the experts at South Miami Pharmacy.

Choose Healthy Eating

Healthy eating matters all the time, but especially when you’re trying to conceive. Deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals can cause lengthened menstrual cycles and higher risk of miscarriage. Healthy, well-balanced meals can help ensure that you receive the right kind of nutrients that your body needs.

Keep a Regular Exercise Routine

Exercise is extremely important for getting your body prepped for a baby. Being overweight or obese can cause your body to overproduce hormones, making it more difficult to get pregnant.

With everything in life, however, balance is key. Exercising too much and lowering your body fat below a healthy limit can cause your body to underproduce essential hormones. It’s best to keep to a regular exercise regimen of 30-45 minutes of moderate exercise 3-5 times a week.

Nix Unhealthy Habits

Consider the time before pregnancy as an opportunity to become as healthy as possible. If you smoke, quitting can literally make you (and your ovaries) younger, as smoking causes your ovaries to age and damages your eggs.

Alcohol can also hamper your chances of getting pregnant, so cut down drinking to a glass of wine a week or fewer.

Addicted to caffeine? You might want to cut down to your coffee consumption to one cup a day. Studies show that women who drink two or more cups of coffee a day, or the equivalent caffeine, double their chances of miscarriage.

Avoid Stress

Stressed about getting pregnant? Try to relax. What most women don’t realize is that stress can actually make it harder to get pregnant, as the body is less likely to conceive under psychological distress. So do some yoga, or take a few things off of your busy plate and de-stress.

Keep Track of Your Cycle

Understanding your menstrual cycle is an important element to of increasing your chances of getting pregnant. The normal menstrual cycle is anywhere from 25-35 days and ovulation generally occurs midway through your cycle, but can be different for every woman. It is best to check your ovulation time with an ovulation test kit which tests for certain hormones.

Talk to a Fertility Expert at South Miami Pharmacy

If you’re ready to add to your family, but need help with fertility, turn to the personalized and caring fertility services at South Miami Pharmacy. We carry most specialty fertility medications, and will order any medications that we don’t normally stock for our customers.

Visit South Miami Pharmacy today or call us at 855-255-5005 and speak to one of our knowledgeable and helpful staff members.

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