Get Ready for Flu Season

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flu-season-287x300As we enter the chilly days of October, we also have to consider: am I getting a flu shot this flu season?

To help you make your choice, South Miami Pharmacy has composed a list of our patients’ frequently asked questions.
Q: I hate pain! Do I have to get a shot?

A: For those of us who rather take a different route, you should consider getting a nasal spray flu vaccine. This can be used for people between the ages 2 to 49. Unfortunately, this option is not open for everyone, such as pregnant women or people with asthma. To learn more about this option, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Q: I consider myself to be healthy. Do I still need a vaccine?

A: It is very true that with a healthy diet and exercise, you can boost your immune system. Nevertheless, this does not prevent you from being infected with the flu. Whether you’re working in an office or have kids going to school, you’re bound to encounter he dreaded infection some way or another. Luckily, pairing a healthy lifestyle and a flu vaccine can really help you get through flu season.

Q: Will I get the flu from a flu shot?

A: There is alway a chance, but the possibility of getting the flu goes down greatly when you get a flu shot. A flu shot is made with an inactivated virus and helps you form antibodies against the flu. Compared to the flu shot, you have a higher chance of getting the flu with the nasal spray.

Q: Help! I just got the flu vaccine and I feel sick!

A: Be at ease, you probably don’t have the flu! Some times, people have muscle pain, a slight fever, and feel a tab bit weak. This lasts around 1-3 days. Nevertheless, within the first two weeks, your body isn’t fully protected yet, so it is possible to get the flu. That is why it is advised to get your vaccine early on in the flu season!

Q: I’m sick. Can I get the vaccine?

A: This decision is normally up to the discretion of your physician. If you have a cold, you generally are able to get the vaccine. If you have a fever, it is advised to wait until you no longer have it.

Q: I got the flu shot. Do I need to do anything else?

A: You’re already ahead of the pack. Consider buying a hand sanitizer or washing you hands more frequently. Try to be cautious of your surroundings and stay away from anyone that the flu.

Q: Do I still have a chance of getting the flu?

A: Although a vaccine won’t make you 100% immune, you diminish your chances of getting the flu by 70-90%. You may get sick this flu season, but there is a large chance that you don’t have the flu and might have the common cold. Both infections have very similar symptoms!

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