Who Is Eligible For Compounding Pharmacy Services ?

All SMP Pharmacy Solutions patients are able to take advantage of our compounding solutions. Taking medication daily shouldn’t be a task and SMP Pharmacy Solutions wants to make it as easy as possible. The following patients seem to benefit the most from compounding solutions:

  • Children. Administering medication to children is not always the easiest experience. Large pills and bad tasting medicine can add to the challenge. By asking South Miami Pharmacists to compound your child’s medication, you can avoid the hassle. Turn their prescription medication into great tasting liquids, gummies or even lollipops!
  • Elderly. Many elderly patients who have trouble swallowing large pills find relief from medication compounding. We can transform their medications into hard candies, gummies and liquids to make ingestion easier and safer.
  • Adults Who Don’t Like Pills. Some people just don’t like pills, and we don’t blame you! Taking your medication each day shouldn’t be something you dread. SMP Pharmacy Solutions can take away the stress of pills with our compounding solutions.
  • Pets. If your pet has to take daily medication, SMP Pharmacy Solutions can make it easier on you and your pet. We can compound pet medication into easy-to-take treats with flavors animals can’t resist.

Ask a South Miami Pharmacist today about compounding options for your prescription medication. Make life easier on yourself, loved ones and even pets by receiving easy-to-take meds in a variety of forms and flavors.

Why Should I Choose SMP Pharmacy Solutions?

At SMP Pharmacy Solutions, we provide specialized and personalized services that many big box pharmacy chains do not offer including fertility services, medication compounding, hard-to-find medications, free medication delivery, our Easy Meds Program and top quality customer service.

Our customer service has been top rated by J.D. Power & Associates as “Highest in Customer Satisfaction”. Our award-winning company has also been recognized as one of the “Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America” and a “Top Company in Florida” by Inc. 5000.

What Services Does SMP Pharmacy SolutionsOffer?

SMP Pharmacy Solutions offers specialized services including:

  • General Pharmaceutical Services
  • Hard-to-Find Medications
  • Individualized Fertility Treatments and Services
  • Medication Compounding Services
  • Medication Delivery Services

What is the Easy Meds Sync Program?

The Easy Meds Sync Program is a program aimed at providing our patients with easy and timely access to their medications. Once a patient signs up with the program, our pharmacy does all the rest, including contacting your physician, refilling prescriptions before they run out and delivering your medications directly to your door. This program prevents patients from running out of necessary medications and eliminates the need for weekly pharmacy visits.


What is Compounding?

Compounding is the art and science of making custom medications specifically for you, the patient. Each prescription is hand made in our state-of-the-art facility. Our highly-trained pharmacists mix and make each medication from high quality, tested products to ensure you are getting what your physician ordered. At SMP Pharmacy Solutions, we make even the most complex medications simple for our patients.

How Can Compounding Help Me?

Compounding helps patients who need tailor-made medications. Some prescriptions are complex or high-strength, and compounding helps to simplify these orders into a more manageable deliverable. For patients with multiple medications, compounding provides a way to combine them into one or two medications.

Do I Need A Prescription for Compounding?

Yes. Because we use prescription medicines in our compounding process, we require a prescription from your doctor. Many doctors are now familiar with compounding and have no objection to providing a prescription. We have many formulas we can recommend depending on your needs. Just give your doctor’s phone number to one of our helpful staff members and we’ll take care of the rest.

Can I Return My Medications If I Do Not Use Them?

Due the strict storage requirements and the sensitivity of the medications we handle, SMP Pharmacy Solutions Compounding does not issue returns, refunds, or exchanges on any medication once it has left the facility. Our no-return policy helps us to ensure that every medication is of the highest quality for our valued patients.

Do we compound Injectables?

We compound certain fertility injectable medications, please contact our fertility department for

further information at 855-255-5005

Do we compound Lansoprazole for child use?

Yes, We do make a Lansoprazole suspension at various strengths

How long does a compound last?

Every compound has a different beyond use date, refer to the label for expiration date or feel free

to call us anytime at 855-255-5006

How long does it take to make a compound?

Typically it’s a 24-48 hour turnaround time to prepare a compound

How long does it take to get a compound delivered?

Typically 24-72 hours depending on location

What are the Delivery options for compounds?

We do oer same day delivery, Prices may vary depending on location.

Next day delivery is free for all Florida Residents.

Fedex Fee will apply to patients outside of Florida.

Do we offer consultation?

Yes, we have a pharmacist on call 24 hours to answer any questions

Do we accept insurance?

Yes, we do accept most insurances, please contact one of our specialist at 855-255-5006 to verify if

compounds are possibly covered.

Medication Delivery

How Much is My Delivery Going to Cost?

We understand how important it is for you to get your medications on time, so as an added service your delivery is free of cost for next-day service and $10 for same-day service.

When Will My Medication Be Delivered?

Your medication delivery date and time will depend on when your doctor orders your medicine, but it could be same-day or next-day delivery. Same-day deliveries are done between 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. Next-day deliveries are done between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Is It Safe to Have My Medications Delivered?

Yes. We have a very thorough shipping and packaging method to ensure the quality of your medications throughout the delivery process.

How Far Do You Deliver?

We delivery locally using a courier or throughout the nation and globally via FEDEX.

Can You Ship My Medication Internationally?

Yes, we can ship your medication internationally. Duties and fees will apply.

My Medication Requires Refrigeration. Can I Still Have it Delivered?

Yes. We offer insulated packaging for all refrigerated medication that keeps your prescription cool up to 48 hours.


What are SMP Pharmacy Solutions’ Fertility Services?

At our pharmacy, we provide each of our fertility patients with individualized attention, assigning a personal IVF specialist to each person to guide them through the process. We provide hard-to-find fertility medications, keeping many IVF medications in stock and providing next-day ordering for those not already in our store.