Patient Solutions

SMP Pharmacy Solutions ensures that all patients are being compliant with their medication therapy. To make sure proper medication adherence occurs and to better serve our patients, we make the ordering and receiving of medication as simple as possible.

Patient Solutions

Order prescription refills online from home to avoid an unnecessary trip to the pharmacy. To make life even easier, we even offer free next day delivery for patients who are members of our Easy Meds Program.

Read more below about the patient solutions provided by SMP Pharmacy Solutions.

Order Refills

Refill orders online with SMP Pharmacy Solutions. Driving back and forth to the pharmacy can be time consuming and not always feasible. That’s why SMP Pharmacy Solutions allows patients to refill prescriptions from home. To get started refilling your SMP prescription, fill out the online form with the following:

  • First & Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Method of Retrieval

After the online form is complete, sit back and relax as the SMP Pharmacy Solutions team processes your order. Order refills take about 2 hours to process, but a South Miami Pharmacist will reach out as soon as the prescription is ready.

Speak to our experts right away about medication refills, call 855-255-5007.

Transfer Prescriptions

In addition to online order refills, SMP Pharmacy Solutions offers online prescription transfers. If you’re interested in transferring your prescriptions to SMP Pharmacy Solutions, simply fill out our online transfer form to get started.

Be sure to include the following information when filling out the online medication form:

  • First & Last Name
  • Birthday
  • Address
  • Home & Cell Phone Number
  • Insurance Information
  • Prescription Information

Once the information is submitted to SMP Pharmacy Solutions, a team member will contact you to let you know the order is being processed. After receiving the order, SMP Pharmacy Solutions will take care of the following:

  • Contact the current pharmacy
  • Process patient’s medications with insurance
  • Prepare medications for pick-up and free next day delivery
Call our fertility specialist, compounding expert or specialty pharmacist at 855-255-5007.

Easy Meds Sync Program

SMP Pharmacy Solutions knows how important it is to get prescriptions on time, before your medication runs out. Our Easy Meds Sync Program is a free service that allows patients to fill all prescriptions at the same time each month. Exclusive to SMP Pharmacy Solutions, the Easy Meds Sync Program also offers free next day delivery or pickup for next-day orders.

Benefits of the Easy Meds Sync Program

Most patients taking more than one medication make numerous trips to the pharmacy every month. By joining the Easy Meds Sync Program, patients will have their medications grouped in order to cut pharmacy trips down to only one per month. In addition to medication grouping, the Easy Meds Sync Program also offers:

  • Easy Meds Coordinators. Before your medications are due each month, your designated Easy Meds coordinator will give you a call to be sure prescriptions are received on time.
  • Drug Interaction Monitoring. SMP Pharmacy Solutions will communicate with any hospital, physician, or specialist you have recently seen in order to accurately review prescriptions. Our pharmacists ensure medication types are not duplicated and patients are not at risk for any adverse drug reactions to occur.
  • Free Next Day Delivery. Sometimes life happens and patients may find themselves without transportation on the day their medication needs filled. The Easy Meds Sync Program makes medication refill easy by offering free next day delivery services.
  • 90 Day Supply. Many Easy Meds Sync Program members qualify to receive a 90-day supply of their medication when approved by their insurance. That’s only 4 trips to the pharmacy a year! Speak with a South Miami Pharmacist to see if you qualify for 90-day supply with insurance approval.

Sign Up for the Easy Meds Sync Program at SMP Pharmacy Solutions

Spend less time driving back and forth! Talk to a SMP Pharmacy Solutions team member today and learn more about our free Easy Meds Sync Program.

Contact us online or call 305-740-9696 to get started on your Easy Meds membership.

Accepted Insurances

SMP Pharmacy Solutions accepts most major insurances, including:

  • Medco
  • AvMed Health Plans
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • CVS CareMark
  • Express Scripts
  • Tricare
  • United Healthcare
  • Humana
  • Aetna
  • Florida Medicaid
  • Simply Healthcare
  • Cigna
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