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SMP Pharmacy Solutions has been giving providers a reliable pharmacy to send patients to since our grand opening in 2003. Our dedicated team of specialty pharmacists, compounding pharmacists, and fertility IVF specialists make SMP Pharmacy Solutions the number 1 choice for South Miami providers.Learn more about the services we offer residents in South Miami and around the world, including: retail services, compounding solutions, fertility treatments & specialty medications.

Retail Community

SMP Pharmacy Solutions provides compounding solutions, fertility services, and unique, hard-to-find medications to our providers and the retail communities they serve. We know how important it is to get prescription medications easily and on time. SMP Pharmacy Solutions offers a wide variety of medication for HIV & AIDS, hormone supplements, and more.

SMP Pharmacy Solutions offers patients and providers peace of mind by delivering medications on time each month to patients’ homes. This service is free and part of SMP Pharmacy Solutions’ Easy Meds Sync Program.

Online prescription refills and medication transfers allow patients to minimize monthly trips to the pharmacy, enabling them to focus on their health and well-being.

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Our skilled pharmacists offer compounding services to providers in South Miami, across the Nation, and around the world. SMP Pharmacy Solutions’ compounding solutions give our providers the freedom to prescribe medications to patients and know that they have the option to change medication forms whenever they wish. Providers who work with the elderly, small children and pets benefit knowing their patients have safer alternatives to large prescription pills.

SMP Pharmacy Solutions compounding services for patients and providers include:

  • Change in Medication Dosage Form
  • Change in Medication Strength
  • Change of Medication Flavor
  • Medication Adjustment for Patient Allergies & Sensitivities

Contact an SMP Pharmacy Solutions team member today to learn how your patients can turn prescription pills into flavored liquids, gummies, and hard candies today.

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Patients should be able to find all prescription medications they need at their local pharmacy. Providers should also be comfortable recommending a pharmacy for patients with special and unique needs. SMP Pharmacy Solutions’ specialty medications and treatments include fertility, HIV/AIDS, dermatology, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, hormone supplements, and hard-to-find medications.

SMP Pharmacy Solutions works with providers and specialty patients to find customized financing solutions such as foundation and co-pay assistance. We also offer free next day delivery so providers know their patients will receive their medication on time each month.

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SMP Pharmacy Solutions Fertility has provided breakthrough fertility treatments and services to face the challenge of fertility that many women face. We specialize in infertility treatment and can assist your patients in their dream of expanding their family.

SMP Fertility is dedicated to providing fertility resources for every patient who needs help starting the pregnancy process. Our IVF Specialists follow meticulous and careful procedures to ensure the safety of the mother while improving their chances of conception.

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