General FAQs


• Do we compound Injectables?
– We compound certain fertility injectable medications, please contact our fertility department for
further information at 855-255-5005

• Do we compound Lansoprazole for child use?
Yes, We do make a Lansoprazole suspension at various strengths

• How long does a compound last?
Every compound has a different beyond use date, refer to the label for expiration date or feel free
to call us anytime at 855-255-5006

• How long does it take to make a compound?
Typically it’s a 24-48 hour turnaround time to prepare a compound

How long does it take to get a compound delivered?
Typically 24-72 hours depending on location

• What are the Delivery options for compounds?
We do offer same day delivery, Prices may vary depending on location.
Next day delivery is free for all Florida Residents.
Fedex Fee will apply to patients outside of Florida.

• Do we offer consultation?
Yes, we have a pharmacist on call 24 hours to answer any questions

• Do we accept insurance?
Yes, we do accept most insurances, please contact one of our specialist at 855-255-5006 to verify if
compounds are possibly covered