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SMP Pharmacy Solutions makes order refills easier than ever for our retail community. Simply fill out our online form to securely submit your refill request.

How Long Do Online Refills Take?

Our qualified staff of expert pharmacists will receive your online refill and promptly let you know your order is being filled.

Please allow for a 2 hour processing time for same-day refills and pick-ups.

Refill Prescription Medications with SMP Pharmacy Solutions

To speak with an SMP Pharmacy Solutions staff member about your online prescription order refill, give us a call at (877) 212-0515. If you need to speak with an SMP Pharmacy Solutions pharmacist after business hours, call our 24/7 number at 786-999-3030.

SMP Pharmacy Solutions patients can also refill prescription orders by visiting our Miami location or calling an SMP Pharmacy Solutions team member.

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