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SMP Fertility Explains SMP VIP Program

At SMP, all patients are VIPatients. What does that mean? It means we are committed to bringing best-in-class service, willing to go the extra mile in order to make sure every single patient gets the best experience with their fertility medications when they are ordered and delivered through SMP.

For more info, we asked our Chief Pharmacist, Jenny, on how the pharmacy team makes sure that each and every fertility patient gets a VIP experience when they fill their medications at SMP.

Why should I get my medications filled at SMP?

We are the top-rated fertility pharmacy in the US. We offer personalized service to every patient and will work with your doctor to make your fertility journey as easy as possible. At SMP all patients are VIPatients.

How does cost at SMP compare to cost at other pharmacies?

At SMP we work closely with drug manufacturers to make sure all available coupons and discounts are applied, including Compassionate Care, which can save patients up to 75% of the cost of some medications. We also partnered with LendingClub and CapexMD to allow patients to finance their medication cycles.

Can I get my prescriptions sent in the mail? How long does it take?

SMP is the only EMD Serono fertility pharmacy (they are the only manufacturers of many fertility medications, such as Gonal-F) with locations on both the East and West coast and licensed in all 50 States. We offer free same-day delivery for orders in south Florida and southern California, free next-day delivery for orders above $500, and free two-day delivery.

What kind of support does the SMP staff provide to patients?

Financial Support: We know the financial burden infertility treatment may pose, that’s why we work hard to offer financial assistance and financing alternatives to every qualifying patient.

Prior Authorization Support: In some cases, expensive medications and treatments take longer to get approved by insurance companies, and sometimes it can become a tricky process. SMP counts with a PA support team with over 10 years of experience that will help you get the most of your insurance.

International Patients Support: People from all over the world come to the US to get treated for infertility. We offer multilingual support and extended chat hours to make sure every patient’s needs are covered, no matter where they are.

Third-Party Support: We know every patient has different needs, that’s why at SMP we have a specialized team to take care of donor/gestational carrier prescriptions.

Increased Access: At SMP we offer a wide variety of ways to get in touch with our team including WhatsApp, WeChat, Live website chat, our toll-free lines, and our 24/7 pharmacist line. We also offer quick online refills and a library of instructional videos for injectable medications.

How do I know how to administer the medications?

We offer a great variety of resources for our patients including our instructional videos page, which explains the process of each injectable medication we dispense; our FAQ section with fertility-related information; and our 24/7 pharmacist direct line (786.999.3030) for any questions or concerns.

What medications can I get filled at SMP?

We fill almost every fertility medication. View the full list of medications offered at SMP.

Can I get multiple medication deliveries during one cycle? Or should I fill all of my prescriptions at the beginning of the cycle?

Patients can choose to get their medications delivered all at once or divided along the entire cycle. It’s up to the patient to decide which they prefer.

What if I don’t use all the medications that were delivered?

Unfortunately, we are not able to take back any medication. You can always save them in case you need them for future fertility treatment.

What should I do if I experience side effects from the medications I’m taking?

In case of an emergency please call 911. For any other question, please use our 24/7 pharmacist line (786.999.3030) or chat with us at

Who will compare my current medication list to my fertility medication list and make sure they don’t interact negatively?

Our expert team of fertility pharmacists will go over your current medications to make sure there are no adverse effects. That’s why is important for patients to mention their current medications and known allergies to us before their treatment.

As you can see, at SMP, our team cares a lot about making sure that patients have the smoothest, most successful, and overall best experience possible on their fertility journey – and we know that a lot of important steps in your fertility journey come from your pharmacy. We’re committed to being the best possible partner and we love welcoming new VIPatients to SMP.

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