Compounding Pharmacy

Compounding is the science of preparing customized and personalized prescription medications for patients that contain the highest quality ingredients, resulting in a more effective way for medications to be delivered to your body.

How can compound medication help you?

SMP Compounding is able to transform prescription
pills into easier to ingest forms, such as liquid, gummies for children
and even irresistible flavors for your pets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most common questions for patients and providers.

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Medications Delivered Straight to Your Door

Next day delivery is free for all Florida Residents.
FedEx Fee may apply to patients outside of Florida.
Same Day Delivery is available, Prices may vary depending on location.

Call us at 855-255-5006 to schedule your delivery

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Transfer your RX

To get help transferring your medication, speak with an SMP Compounding staff member at 855-255-5006.

SMP Pharmacy patients can also refill prescriptions order by visiting our Bird Road Location

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Contact SMP Pharmacy Solutions for Medication Compounding

Take your medications the way you want to take them. Transform boring pills into great tasting liquids, candies, and gummies today. Fill out our online form or call 855-255-5006 to speak with an SMP Pharmacy Solutions pharmacist about your compounding options.

Facebook Review

“I have been plagued with a chronic painful condition, complications from Chemotherapy. It is unfortunate that I fell victim to the “blanketed” regulations imposed upon Pharmacies due to abuses with Controlled Substances. I checked all the retail pharmacies around my area and was faced with having my legitimate prescription denied for reasons of the meds being non-formulary (some employees stating they did not want the headaches) or they do not carry them for security reasons (Pharmacies being robbed). I thank you South Miami Pharmacy for operating and serving your community’s needs and not balking to fears created by the Legislature. Bravo!!!”
Pete Torres – Miami, Florida