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Individualized Support Throughout Your Entire Journey


Immune Globulin
■ Infectious Disease
■ Multiple Sclerosis
■ Urology

Our Clinical Patient Management Program consists of our Specialty Pharmacist following up with our patients to:


1. Assure they are following the medication instructions / doses
2. Make sure their medications are working effectively / properly
3. Answer any questions or concerns
4. Help them with anything they may need


SMP Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty medications are more complex than most prescription medications. For this reason, patients being treated with specialty medications require focused care from an expert pharmacist and pharmacy staff in order to ensure their medications are accessible, affordable, easy to understand and effective. SMP Specialty Pharmacy recognizes these needs and provides you with individualized support throughout your entire treatment journey.

CO-Pay Assistance and Foundation Support

Specialty medications can be very expensive, and when insurance is not enough, we use our resources to find medication coupons that will reduce the monthly cost of your medication. We also look for foundations to help you pay for out of pocket medication expenses. SMP has helped patients save over 1.3M through Foundations and financial assistance programs in the last year.

Prior Authorization Support

Many Specialty medications require a Prior Authorization from your insurance to determine whether they will cover your medication or not. This process involves additional paperwork such as Clinical notes from your DR, or any other helpful information they may need to come to a decision. SMP Pharmacy takes care of this process for you by working with your DR office and Insurance so you can focus on just one thing…a successful treatment outcome.

Medication Delivery Straight to Your Door

SMP Specialty Patients get free next day delivery in Florida. Some patients based on location can also choose to get same-day delivery for a small fee.