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because you shouldn’t  have to break the bank

Think of us as the bridge between providers and patients. Discover why we’ve been the number one choice for providers since the beginning.

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understanding your insurance benefits

We know insurance can feel confusing. Here’s a guide to help you understand your fertility insurance benefits and questions to ask your insurance care team so you know exactly what’s covered when it comes to your fertility treatment.

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the best care with the best price

We partner with organizations and lending companies to make sure you receive the best possible price.

The first program of its kind, Compassionate Care was designed to make fertility treatments more affordable if your medications aren’t covered by insurance. The program enrolled over 7,000 patients in 2020, saving them more than $11.6 million.*

Compassionate Care provides discounts off the self-pay price of EMD Serono fertility medications, including:

  • For income-based eligible patients, savings of up to 50%†
  • For active, retired, and veteran military, a minimum of 10% off and based on income, up to 50% off†

For eligibility information and more information regarding The Compassionate Care Program through EMD Serono, please visit

Compassionate Corps provides free medication to eligible, uninsured veterans injured in the line of duty or their spouses.* Veterans who do not qualify for the Compassionate Corps program may still receive up to 50% off their medications through the Compassionate Care program.

To become a participating member, your clinic can contact EMD Serono directly at

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SMP Pharmacy fertility specialists partner with The H.E.A.R.T. + Program to help cash-paying and insured fertility patients receive discounted prices on Ferring Pharmaceuticals’ fertility medications and treatments.

Get more information about the H.E.A.R.T+ program at and all various other options to help you save on select Ferring products.

Finance the remaining cost of your fertility medications by applying to LendingClub, simply click on the button below to see your payment plan options with SMP Pharmacy.

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Another financial solution for fertility treatments our patients have access to is with Capex MD. Click below for further information on your financing options.

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it doesn’t stop just there

We’re continually checking support funds to see if our patients qualify for grants. We understand that certain treatments and medications can be expensive, which is why we work with the following organizations and foundations for financial support.

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