Fertility Pharmacy

Our Team of Fertility Care Coordinators redefine your pharmacy experience by guiding you throughout your fertility journey from beginning to end

SMP Fertility Services

  • ■ We offer a complete line of Fertility Medications
  • ■ We connect you with a Fertility Care Coordinator
  • ■ We accept and verify all insurances, and provide
    a detailed explanation of your coverage
  • ■ We apply all available coupons, discounts, and
  • financial assistance programs to qualifying
  • medications and orders
  • ■ We review your order for accuracy, collect payment,
    and prepare for shipping or pickup.
  • ■ We have an on-call pharmacist 24/7 to answer
    your questions
  • ■ We offer Domestic & International Shipping

Financial Assistance

Compassionate Care Program

Apply for Financial Assistance, where you can save 10% or up to 75% off of
Gonal-F, Cetrotide and Ovidrel medications
For eligibility information and more information regarding The Compassionate Care Program through Fertility Life Lines, please visit www.fertilitylifelines.com.


SMP Pharmacy Solutions fertility patients can save up to 10% on fertility treatment expenses through the Go-Card program with Fertility Life Lines. Fertility patients can receive discounts on fertility medications like Gonal-f.

Visit webrebate.com and click on the “go direct to savings” options to download your rebate card.

Co-Pay Card

Save up to $250 on out-of-pocket fertility treatment costs by applying for the Co-Pay Card from Fertility Life Lines. Additionally, fertility patients can save up to $25 off Gonal-f and $25 off Cetrotide.

To find out if you’re eligible for the Co-Pay Card, visit www.fertilitylifelines.com.


SMP Pharmacy Solutions’ fertility specialists partner with The H.E.A.R.T. + Program to help cash-paying and insured fertility patients receive discounted prices on Ferring Pharmaceuticals’ fertility medications and treatments.

Get more information about the H.E.A.R.T+ program at www.ferringfertility.com and all various other
options to help you save on select Ferring products.

Medication Financing


Finance the remaining cost of your fertility medications by applying to LendingClub, simply click on the button below to see your payment plan options with SMP Pharmacy Solutions.


Another Financial solution for fertility treatments our patients have access to is with Capex MD. Click below for further information on your financing options.

Prior Authorization

For high-cost specialty medications, insurance companies require medical reasons why they are needed.

Our prior authorization team helps facilitate the process by working in conjunction with the insurance

companies and doctors office to assist patients with their medication coverage.

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