About SMP Fertility

SMP Fertility is an award-winning fertility pharmacy that prides itself in exceptional customer service and competitive pricing. All of our patients are connected with a Fertility Care Coordinator that will assist them with their fertility medications, savings programs, and health insurance plans. Our state-of-the-art pharmacy offers services nationwide

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Fertility Medications

In this section you will find information on drugs and treatments including instructional videos, dosing guides and available discount programs.

Our Fertility Team

Meet the people behind SMP. Our team of pharmacists and care coordinators are in charge of making your journey as easy and practical as possible.

Fertility FAQ

Questions on your treatment? Visit our FAQ section for useful information or leave a question and one of our pharmacists will reply as soon as possible.

HIPAA Statement

Your privacy is very important to us. Be informed of your rights and responsibilities as a patient and the measures we take for your security.

Fertility Order Refill Form

Already a customer? Fill out our prescription form, and one of our care coordinators will get your medications refilled and shipped to your home.

Financing Options

SMP patients count with many organizations for support. There are many options available for useful information, financing aid, and grants.

Your Fertility Pharmacy Journey in Four Easy Steps

  • Step One

    We connect you with a Fertility Care Coordinator

  • Step Two

    We verify your insurance and provide a detailed explanation of your coverage

  • Step Three

    We apply all available coupons, discounts, and financial assistance programs to qualifying medications and orders

  • Step Four

    We review your order for accuracy, collect payment, and prepare for shipping or pickup. We have an on-call pharmacist 24/7 to answer your questions


Meet Jenny! She is our lead pharmacist at SMP. She is ready to answer all your questions by email or phone. At SMP you always get to talk to a real person that will guide every step of your journey. We look forward to your call!

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