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unique needs call for unique solutions

At SMP Pharmacy, we can custom create or “compound” medications to meet your needs, giving you the freedom to have medications tailored to your specific dosing needs.

not all compounding pharmacies are the same, we’re here to show you why

Take out the middleman

By having our compounding facility in house, you can take comfort in knowing that our pharmacy meets national quality standards.

Continued education is key

SMP Pharmacy goes through training twice a year for a competency renewal where each staff member is re-evaluated in the process.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty

SMP Pharmacy is USP 800 certified. This may not mean a whole lot to you. However, this ensures our standards are higher in an effort to minimize risks of handling hazardous drugs, and help promote safety throughout.

Quality above all else

To ensure our medication is of the highest standard, we use weight checks, bar coded chemicals, and enlist in techniques to evaluate each and every compounder during the process.

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