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say hello to modernized fertility medication training

Fertility medication can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve partnered with our providers to simplify the fertility journey with our easy-to-follow virtual medication preparation and injection tutorials. The MedReady program offers protocol-based medication training videos. MedReady will guide you through the process to make sure you have a complete understanding of your medication and can feel confident in kick starting your journey. Whether it’s from home or on the go, it’s guidance that fits your schedule.

let’s take it step by step

Feel free to watch the videos as many times as you need to get a better understanding of your individual process.

Receive the link

You will receive an email from your doctor with a link to the MedReady patient education center.

Set the password

Click the link in the email to set your password. The website is secure and encrypted, so you can be sure your health insurance is protected.

Sign in

Your username will be your email address, and you can always log in using the link that was sent to your email.

Watch your module(s)

Complete your assigned module(s) prior to your next appointment.

oops, didn’t receive a link?

Contact us or your provider and we’ll help you get access to our MedReady videos.

we want you to be as comfortable as possible

If you have questions or concerns about administering your medication, we’d be happy to walk you through the details.

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