Fertility Pharmacy

We offer a complete line of Fertility Medications at Competitive Pricing

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Specialty Pharmacy

We help you manage your chronic conditions with our educations and financial assistance programs.

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Compounding Pharmacy

We prepare custom, personalized medications to meet the specific needs of each individual patient

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Retail Pharmacy

SMP Pharmacy Solutions offers an Easy Meds Sync Program which allows patients with multiple prescriptions to group their medications.

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Medication Refills

Fill out a quick form and one of our Care Coordinators will take care of refilling your medications.

Instructional Videos

Important information on how to apply your different fertility medications and injections.

Medication Financing / Financial Assistance

Organizations and foundations that support fertility treatments in the US.

Compassionate Care Program

Save up to 75% on your fertility medications after you complete your compassionate care application.


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Great customer service! I’ve been using them for about a year and was always happy with their products and services. Just now I was on the phone to discuss my most recent order and they were AMAZING!!! Did EVERYTHING to keep my cost the lowest possible! We looked at the calendar together, planned for reorders, and more! I believe I was speaking with Elizabeth and she really made my day! THANK YOU SMP!!!

Amber Gross Google Reviews

Great customer service! They take care of all my family’s needs. They handle our refills automatically and deliver to my home for free. I don’t have to worry about anything. Thank you SMP!!

Joel Del Rio Google Reviews

Muy satisfecha con el servicio de South Miami Pharmacy. Cuentan con un personal profesional y calificado, que excede en su atencion a sus clientes-pacientes.
Agradezco siempre a la Srta. Lisette Almendariz, Jessi Perez Y Roy Brisuela que se dan una atencion personalizada y me apoyan siempre con el suministro de las medicinas para mi esposo.

Mary Carmen Taylor Facebook

I wanted to take a moment out of my day to let you know what a pleasure it is to work with Carmen. As you are likely aware, she is such an asset to SMP, and always places our patients care as her top priority. She is kind, reliable, knowledgeable and professional. She seems to take it upon herself to go above and beyond to help our patients, as well as our staff. We are lucky to work with her and can always be assured that our patients will receive top notch care from her.

Sarah Price and Lizzie West Institute for Reproductive Health