Specialty Pharmacy

SMP Pharmacy Solutions is a specialty pharmacy that provides patients with hard-to-find prescriptions, HIV and AIDs, dermatology, Hepatitis C, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and many other solutions for patients’ unique needs. SMP Pharmacy Solutions offers customized financing solutions for our specialty patients, including: co-pay assistance and foundation assistance. Specialty SMP Pharmacy Solutions patients also qualify for free medication shipping on all specialty medications. To learn more about SMP Pharmacy Solutions’ specialty solutions, contact one of our specialty pharmacist at our direct line 786-361-1111 / Toll Free number 855-650-5009 or fill out our online contact form below.

Co-Pay Assistance

At SMP, we understand that specialty pharmacy medications may be expensive at times, but that’s why we offer co-pay assistance. We use our resources to find medication coupons that will apply to your co-pay and reduce the monthly cost of that medication.

*Co-Pay cards are subject to availability by the manufacturer and is not available to you if you are enrolled in any state or federally funded prescription drug program, such as Medicare Part D and Medicaid.

Prior Authorization

There are some specialty pharmacy medications that require what insurances call a “Prior Authorization.”  This means your insurance requires additional clinical information from your doctor to see if you meet the criteria for them to cover your specialty medication or not. At SMP Pharmacy Solutions we will take care of the Prior Authorization process on behalf of your doctor. Our efforts include:

  • Contacting your insurance
  • Obtaining the correct prior authorization forms
  • Contacting your current physician for permission
  • Forwarding the prior authorization to your insurance along with any other clinical information they request.

We will then follow up with your insurance within 24-48 business hours to verify if the prior authorization has been approved.  If anything else is missing to get your medication approved, we will obtain it from your doctor and forward it to the insurance as well, then follow up.

SMP Pharmacy Solutions will make all necessary efforts to get your prior authorization approved.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Our specialty pharmacy patients can rest easy knowing that the team at SMP Pharmacy Solutions takes responsibility for proper drug-interaction monitoring and medication therapy management. As part of the medication therapy management process for specialty medications, our pharmacists will perform drug screenings and drug therapy overlap exams for each specialty patient.

Drug-interaction monitoring is vital to ensure specialty patients are receiving the correct doses and combinations of prescription medications. Multi-prescription patients are closely monitored to ensure all specialty medication are reacting together properly and no negative drug-interactions occur.

The medication therapy management process at SMP Pharmacy Solutions consists of the following:

  • Medication Therapy Reviews. The medication therapy review is the first step of MTM at SMP Pharmacy Solutions. This initial review will include:
    • A Patient/Pharmacist Interview
    • Clinical Assessments
    • Patient Evaluations
    • Interpretation of Results
  • Medical Record Reviews. Specialty Pharmacists will take this time to review all relevant past and current medical history and overall health and well-being of the patient. Items typically reviewed in the medical history include:
    • Patient’s Age
    • Patient’s Primary Care Physician
    • Patient’s Allergies & Sensitivities
    • Patient’s Past & Current Drug-Interactions
    • Specific Medical Instructions from Physician or Patient
  • Medical Action Plans. After the specialty pharmacist’s initial review and medical record analysis, a new plan of action will be recommended to the patient. This is a valuable resource to both specialty patient and pharmacist for tracking long-term and short-term goals.

More Info on Medication Therapy Management

To learn more about proper specialty medication management at SMP Pharmacy Solutions, speak with pharmacist today. Fill out our online form or give us a call at 786-361-1111. If you need to speak with a team member after-hours, please call our 24/7 phone line at 786-999-3030.

Specialty Medication Delivery

Save time, money, and energy by signing up for SMP Pharmacy Solutions’ Easy Meds Sync Program and have your specialty medications delivered to your door each month. Instead of making countless trips to the pharmacy each year, relax and let SMP Pharmacy Solutions bring your prescriptions to you.

As a specialty facility, SMP Pharmacy Solutions offers next day delivery to all patients in Miami, Florida and across the Nation. There are no criteria requirements necessary to become eligible for free medication delivery or the SMP Easy Meds Sync Program. By joining the program, not only will get prescription medications be delivered to your home, but the pharmacists will also group other medications you are taking. By grouping medications, our specialty patients are able to receive all medicines at the same time each month, in one package.

Join our Easy Meds Sync Program or contact SMP Pharmacy Solutions today if you are interested in getting specialty medications delivered to your home each month for free.

Specialty Medication Transfer

Transfer specialty medications free of hassle by dropping your prescription bottle off at SMP Pharmacy Solutions, or filling our our specialty medication online transfer form.

After the SMP Pharmacy Solutions specialty medications team receives your order, we will take the following steps:

  • Reach out to your current specialty pharmacy
  • Process your specialty medications through your current insurance
  • Prepare specialty medications for pick-up or free next day delivery

Specialty medication transfers typically take 24 hours, but as soon as the request has been processed, a specialty pharmacist will contact you right away.

Save a trip to the pharmacy by filling out our online medication transfer form, or drop your medications off in-person and meet the pharmacists and SMP staff! For questions and information on SMP Pharmacy Solutions and specialty medication transfers, please give us a call at 786-361-1111.

About Our App

The SMP Pharmacy Solutions app is coming soon! SMP Pharmacy Solutions is finishing development on an app that will give specialty pharmacy patients a faster way to submit order refills. Our online order form already eliminates the need to stop by the pharmacy for refills, but soon patients will be able to submit refill orders on-the-go using tablets and smartphones.

The SMP Pharmacy Solutions app will be available for both Android and Apple products. Once specialty patients download the SMP Pharmacy Solutions app, they will be able to:

  • Create patient profiles
  • Scan medication bottles to request order refills
  • Submit order refill requests through their profile
  • Choose to pick-up specialty meds or have them delivered for free
  • Set reminders to take daily medications

Ask About Our App

To get more information and details on the soon-to-come SMP Pharmacy Solutions app, fill out our online contact form or call 786-361-1111. Feel free to stop by the pharmacy and speak with one of our staff members in person at 6050 South Dixie Highway, Miami, FL. 33143.

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“After my insurance wanting to charge me $300 for Prevacid for my 4 month old I was able to purchase for less than $60 at So Miami pharmacy. You changed my babies nights, thank you so much for your knowledge. Great staff and professional. Wish you were open later just in case kids were sick in middle of night! Thank you”
Virginia Ginnie Trinidad – Miami, Florida