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Answering Questions About the IVF Process

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) allows couples to overcome infertility and pursue their dreams of pregnancy. During the IVF treatment, sperm and eggs are manually combined into a laboratory dish to create an embryo that is transferred into a woman’s uterus to initiate the growth of a baby.

Couples who are considering IVF often have many questions about the process. Here at SMP Fertility in Miami, we’ve composed this list of commonly asked questions that will add some clarity to the IVF treatment.

Is there pain associated with the egg retrieval process?

There is usually no pain during the egg retrieval process which only lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. IV sedation is generally administered during the procedure to ensure that patients are not awake. Patients may experience mild cramping following the procedure and are prescribed pain medications as needed.

What can be expected during embryo transfer?

The embryo transfer is performed using a speculum that gives the doctor a broad view of the cervix. Women usually only feel the speculum and do not undergo anesthesia during the transfer.

What happens to the embryos that are not used in the transfer?

Embryos that are not used in the transfer are usually stored in the lab and evaluated for continuous growth. They can be cryopreserved for later use if they meet certain criteria.

Is egg retrieval from every follicle normal?

It is not always normal to retrieve an egg from every follicle. Although the egg usually comes from the most mature follicles, most women will have some follicles that have immature or post mature eggs as well as some that are unable to yield an identifiable egg.

What is the cost of IVF?

The costs of IVF are dependent on a patient’s specific needs and include the price of fertility drugs, blood tests, and ultrasounds. Insurance coverage varies.

What side effects can be expected from IVF medications?

While side effects differ from patient to patient, breast tenderness, abdominal bloating, headaches, nausea, and skin irritation may occur.

Am I allowed to smoke and drink during IVF?

Smoking is prohibited during IVF treatment because it reduces the quality of eggs. In addition, men should try to limit alcohol use for about 3 months before the treatment to allow for sperm production that can take up to 100 days.

Can a woman travel during an IVF treatment?

Travel is not recommended to any patient going through the IVF process. It is crucial that patients are available for ongoing appointments to access follicle growth.

Can I dye my hair or get my nails done if I am going through IVF?

Patients can color their hair during the first two weeks of each IVF cycle. From mid-cycle on, it’s a smart idea to wait until after 12 weeks to dye hair. While manicures will not cause any harm during IVF or pregnancy, patients are encouraged to make sure nail treatments are performed in an area with good ventilation.

When will a patient be able to tell if they are pregnant?

A pregnancy test is typically scheduled two weeks and two days following the transfer of the embryo.

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