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5 Ways SMP Pharmacy Helps You Save Money on Fertility Medications

Finding the right fertility pharmacy can sometimes be a time-consuming, not to mention costly process if not done correctly. Fortunately, there are a few things you can look out for to make sure you’re making the best decision for yourself and your future family. 
We’ve compiled a list of the five ways SMP Pharmacy Solutions helps you save time and money on your fertility medications and treatments.

1. Insurance Checks and Prior Authorization (PA) Assistance

Verifying the appropriate level of coverage is the first step in ensuring your costs stay as low as possible while preventing any unexpected charges. We do this by verifying all of your information during your first phone call, followed shortly by scheduling your pick-up or delivery if necessary.

What if you need a specific medication that requires a valid prior authorization? We’ve got that covered too.

Our team works hard to make sure your prescriptions are approved and verified. The moment we receive your prescription, we begin processing the order to verify coverage and, in the event that a medication requires prior authorization, our staff will begin gathering clinical notes to assist in completing the prior authorization process for you.

2. Competitive Pricing and Promotions

We offer some of the most competitive cash pricing on fertility medications in the fertility market. We also offer several promotions to help bring down the cost further for patients, and they often help to address shortages in the fertility medication space.

3. Financial Assistance

We help you minimize the up-front cost of your medications through the Compassionate Care program, where you can save from 10% up to 75% off of Gonal-F, Cetrotide, and Ovidrel medications. 

For eligibility information and more information regarding The Compassionate Care Program through Fertility Life Lines, please click here.

4. Medication Financing

Patients can finance the remaining balance of their treatment by applying to Lending Club or CapexMD or HCS programs. Our financing options make it easy to set up a payment plan that best suits your budget. Simply fill out a short online application and choose the plan that makes the most sense for your situation. You can see your available rates online as well – but don’t worry, applying for Lending Club or CapexMD will not impact your credit.

5. Fertility Support Organizations

We’re continually checking support funds to see if our patients qualify for grants. We understand that certain treatments and medications can have costly price tags, which is why we work with the following organizations and foundations for financial support:

  1. The CADE Foundation (TQCF)
  2. Fertility for Colored Girls (FFCG)
  3. Fertile Action
  4. The International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination Inc. (INCIID)
  5. The Oncofertility Consortium 
  6. Path2Parenthood (P2P)
  7. RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association
  8. Society for the Study of Male Reproduction (SSMR)
  9. Stand Up To Cancer
  10. WEGO Health
  11. Baby Quest Foundation
  12. Men Having Babies (MHB)
  13. Livestrong Fertility
  14. The Alliance

We take a patient-first, service-driven approach to provide for our communities, and we don’t want financial restrictions to be a cause for you not receiving the appropriate care.

We work with a broad network of assistance programs to maximize your odds of receiving assistance. We can assist you with choosing the right program; just be sure to call us and ask how we can help you today.


We strive to continue to be your first choice for fertility medications and related support. If you have any questions on how we can help you during your fertility process, just give us a call today at 888.846.6745 and we’ll be more than glad to assist you. 

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