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Undergoing fertility treatment? Choose to have a Fertility Pharmacy as your partner through the entire process.

If you’re struggling with infertility and you have decided to go after fertility treatment, you’re probably no stranger to stress. And we understand it, there’s a lot on your table.

Between finding a way to afford your medications and making sure you get your refill on time, there’s a lot to consider. 

Fortunately, there are great resources available to you if you know where to look. 

With the help of a Fertility Pharmacy, you can receive a customized treatment plan, access to the right medications when you need them, and the support you need to guide you through the process all in one place.

Fertility Pharmacies not only have specialized knowledge, but they also work directly with your doctor or doctor’s office to offer you a customized treatment.

Why should you choose SMP Pharmacy as your Fertility pharmacy?

  • We are a white-glove high-touch Fertility Pharmacy

Every detail makes a difference. SMP Pharmacy is a white-glove high-touch fertility pharmacy that focuses on making the fertility treatment process as smooth as possible for you; therefore we handle each prescription with the utmost care.

Not only that, but we hire and train our specialists so they can answer any questions or concerns you may have during your treatment process.

  • Always speak to a real person

You don’t have to worry about ever speaking to a machine over the phone; we don’t automate our customer service. Call us anytime with questions, concerns, or medication refill requests. Each time you will speak to a real person. 

  • Get personalized help: At SMP Pharmacy we treat all patients as VIPatients

We are a smaller pharmacy, which means we can offer personalized service.  We familiarize ourselves with your case to help you receive the best treatment possible.

It’s important to stay positive and on track. We act as an accountability partner for you. Checking in on your treatment and reminding you about medication refills is part of our job. We have one-on-one fertility specialists who learn about your case and help you stay on track with your treatment plan, and get the medications that you need.

  • We specialize in fertility

At SMP, we specialize in infertility. Our trained specialists have gone through this process time and time again. As our patient, you’ll be connected with a Fertility Care Coordinator that will assist you with your fertility medications, savings programs, and health insurance plans. A service you won’t get at your regular neighborhood pharmacy.

  • Rapid Prior Authorization Support

We know that communicating with your insurance company for prior authorization for your medication can be a point of stress, so we have a dedicated team to handle all of those communications for you. Just last year, we had a 93% success rate for more than 15,000 prior authorizations. 

  • We help you with your financial needs

Fertility treatments and medications can be expensive. At SMP, we offer financing plans to help you finance your treatment, receive accessible and affordable medications, and connect you with support groups. 

SMP helped patients finance over $1M at an average APR of 10.9% last year. In total, SMP helped save patients over $10M through foundations and patient financial assistance programs in the last year alone!

  • International Patient Support

In an effort to make your treatment accessible, our support extends to international patients, as well. Not only do we work with FedEx to ensure that your medications are delivered on-time, but we also adhere to the guidelines of each country to ensure that our shipping process is compliant.

Our website is translated into more than 15 languages to help as many patients as possible. We have a fully bilingual staff (English and Spanish) in-house, and we even staff members who speak Mandarin and Cantonese. Beyond that, we provide translation services for 240 languages. 

  • SMP is also a compounding pharmacy 

Our shelves are stocked with everything we need to deliver the right medication for you. This means that you won’t have to wait for days or weeks for your specific medication to arrive. We even offer medications that are hard to find at other pharmacies. 

If we don’t have what you need, we can create it. As a compounding pharmacy, you don’t have to worry about us running out of stock of your medication. We have the skills, expertise, and tools we need to create your medication and keep your treatment plan on track. 

  • Constant cooperation with Your Doctor 

The most important part of our job is making sure that your treatment goes well. Our top priority is your health and well-being before, during and after your fertility treatment. 

To better support you, we maintain a relationship with your doctor’s office. This helps us understand your specific treatment plan and stay updated on your medication needs.

We check in with your doctor’s office and speak to their staff regularly. The open communication and collaboration help ensure that your needs are met and that our medications align with your treatment plan. 

  • Confidently Choose SMP for Your Fertility Medications

Choosing the right pharmacy for your fertility treatment medications doesn’t have to be difficult. At SMP, we prioritize your health and have the fertility treatment expertise that you need. 

If you are interested in learning more about our pharmacy and how we can help you give us a call at 1-888-846-6745.

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