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How Does SMP VIP Support Fertility Practices

At SMP, we run a unique, unparalleled program for fertility clinics called SMP VIP. We get the best feedback every day from fertility clinics around the country who can’t get enough of SMP VIP. What is it? We interviewed our Chief Pharmacist, Jenny, to get

4 Easy Steps in Financing your Fertility Medications

Fertility treatment is expensive. Most patients have no insurance coverage for their treatment, and even for the ones who do, some have coverage for the procedure, but not for the medications. Unfortunately, most people end up having to pay for their fertility medications themselves. Because

5 success factors to consider when going through IVF

Factors to Consider for IVF IVF success factors to consider IVF can be a complex process, here are some lifestyle factors to consider when deciding to go though in vitro fertilization: Age There is an undeniable correlation between age and IVF success rates. According to

5 Tips for Saving Money on Prescriptions

Many people rely on prescription medications to cure health issues, speed-up recovery, or manage chronic illnesses. However, the benefits of medicine often come with a high price tag that can take a serious toll on your household budget. Fortunately, there are a number of different

Answering Questions About the IVF Process

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) allows couples to overcome infertility and pursue their dreams of pregnancy. During the IVF treatment, sperm and eggs are manually combined into a laboratory dish to create an embryo that is transferred into a woman’s uterus to initiate the growth of a

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